Haute Cuisine in Covid Lockdown number two?

Ok, just wondering if we shall eat as well this time round as we did in the Spring of 2020 during the first Covid -19 lockdown in England Then I had all the family at home working in their high-powered international jobs. I was utterly exhausted having to provide three square meals a day, all on time. Breakfast 7.30 am, Lunch at 1 pm, Dinner at 7.45. All had to be cooked to a very high standard, as these poor workers were being denied the pleasures of their usual London restaurants and Clubs ( no, not nightclubs, more the sort with leather armchairs, gulls eggs and grouse on the menu when in season) To be fair, they did offer to “get their own” but it took longer to clean the kitchen afterwards than make a three course repast.

However, I did allow my two grown-up children and their respective other halves to cook by turn each Saturday night.

What they and I managed to achieve is shown below.

Freshly boiled lobsters delivered from Colchester Oyster Fishery
Beetroot and Goats Cheese tarts
Roast Chicken and Garden Vegetables
Mixed Salad
Dutch Bitterballen ( fried beef balls)
Tegliata di biete
Italian Swiss Chard Torta with raisins and pine nuts
Escalopes of Pork
Scotch Eggs and Coleslaw
Lasagne with homemade pasta
Dutch Apple Cake
Prawn Cocktail with crispy rice
Lots of Home baked Sourdough bread, and even some homemade Swedish Rye crackers !

Just looking at all this makes me quite glad they are probably not coming home this time! Maybe I should try some ready meals……..!

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  1. Sarah Carr says:

    Wonderful Arabella – can we come and stay this time??!,!


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