I am an English Wife and Mother who has lived at the same address in Essex for 30 years. I was born and brought up in Scotland, studied Law at University, qualified as an English Solicitor and then proceeded to have a family and make a home. I currently cook all our food from scratch, shoot, fish, sail and maintain our Rival 38C, grow vegetables and fruit, train a working cocker spaniel, try to cope with 3 Patterdale Terriers, keep hens and one retired dressage horse. In the past I have hunted and kept 4 horses for all of us to go out together, and trained and competed my horse to Advanced Medium.

Just for the fun of it, I have started this blog. Never having attempted any form of journalism, social-networking or web-based activity before, I sometimes struggle but am so enjoying the challenge.

This, my journal is about how to  live and eat well on land or afloat.

Some of you may never grow, rear or catch any of your ingredients like I strive to do, but even so, I am sure you will find some inspiration here, or at least find something amusing or informative herein.

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