It is 30 years since we last anchored here, and it is a real pleasure to be back. After really quite an uncomfortable sail from Muck yesterday, hard on the wind in 25 knots of wind with moderate to rough seas latterly, we hunkered down here in a Northerly gale with horizontal rain, and slept very well being on one of the 10 new visitor moorings which cost £10 per boat per night.



Today, after sleeping in until 9.30 am, and after a spot of spinning for mackerel with a black condom, which was not productive in the tail end of the gale, we decided to venture ashore and took our new large Honwave Dinghy with 2.5 hp  outboard to the ferry pier. Canna only has one ferry a day from  Mallaig.  The  only other communications possible are the internet connection at the wonderful Cafe Canna which is a short walk from the pier. No mobile signal here, and the locals use what’s app to message each other.

IMG_0532Canna has much history and even some Viking burial remains and an ancient Celtic Cross. There is a BandB,and a campsite, but all feels very deserted today, on account of the poor weather.

IMG_0555 I thoroughly recommend a visit here however, not only for the absolute peace and quiet, but also for the super bird life- Puffins, Shearwater, Golden Eagle, Sea Eagle, and many more. Much improved stocks are evident now, especially of Shearwater, after a recent major rat eradication programme which predates the similar successful exercise on the Shiants.

Tonight we are booked into the  award-winning Cafe Canna for Dinner.

IMG_0533.JPGLooks pretty promising to me, and the lobster is available tonight! I am so glad that they are dealing with the current rabbit explosion too.

The Community shop, which is next door to the Cafe, is where you pay your harbour dues of £10 a night, into an honesty box. Quite frankly this is the best stocked community shop I have ever encountered! More like my larder at home.

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