Muntjac is the best venison to eat

It is always a red-letter day when we have a Muntjac in the Larder.

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These non-native destructive pests are the nicest to eat of all the Deer available in Britain. Being small, they are easily butchered at home and require very little hanging as they are naturally so tender.


Butchering the Muntjac is fairly straightforward on the kitchen table with a very large wooden chopping Board, a meat Cleaver and a sharp knife.

First you must skin the Muntjac. This is best done whilst still hanging and requires a sharp knife and some careful tugging. Be very sure you don’t cut the flesh accidentally. It is not much different to skinning a rabbit.

Simply cut off the Haunches and shoulders at the joint, and carefully remove the loins with a sharp knife. Before cooking the loin fillets you must remove all the white membrane on top, as it will shrink on cooking and become tough, but I leave it on for the meantime if freezing the meat . Do not use any part that is bloody because it has been damaged by the bullet passing through, ( there will always be quite a lot of wastage) , but carefully cut off as much as you can from the surrounding flesh of the damaged parts and use for stews etc.

Treat as for young Spring Lamb, or Kid. You could leave a small one whole to put on the BBQ or try Spit-Roasting, although I am not sure if there is enough fat in the meat for this, and it may well end up a , dry, charred mess.

If you are not in a position to legally shoot one yourself , then try your local Butcher or Game Dealer and give it a go!


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  1. mrsbeater says:

    Nothing tastes quite like muntjac – I’ve only cooked it twice: once slow-cooked in red wine, redcurrant jelly and rosemary and once following a recipe for hare curry.


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