Giant Beetroot

This is what happens if you leave a non- monogerm variety of beetroot in the ground all winter. This is Beetroot Chioggia. Fit only for animal fodder now, although they are delicious when young.


And the potatoes are in!

This year I am growing Epicure, Arran Victory, Belle de Fontenay, Charlotte, King Edward and Pink Fir Apple. I have regularly grown all of these in the past, and go for flavour first over yields. Only the Belle de Fontenay has not been grown previously. I know it is probably a fortnight too early for sowing maincrop seed potatoes, but this is a particularly sheltered vegetable garden, on very light soil, and the conditions were perfect today!

No doubt I will have to have the horticultural fleece ready for frost protection in a month or so when the shoots emerge.



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