One Pot Cooking, Shoulder of Lamb with Vegetables and Rice

It really is a case of using only one Pot for this recipe. Here, I am putting everything into a tagine. This is a wonderful piece of kitchenware which can be used for many dishes other than traditional North African tagines, or spicy stews. The earthenware ones are by far the best, and get one which is glazed on the inside, as then it will be non-stick. I think my one shown here is made of some sort of ceramic, which behaves like glazed earthenware, being non-stick and extremely heat retentive.

For this dish, the ingredients couldn’t be easier:

1. A Half Shoulder of Lamb

2. One cup of easy cook Rice

3. Two medium onions

4. Two sweet Peppers

5. One small courgette

6. Four cloves of garlic

7. Five large Plum Tomatoes or one can of plum tomatoes 

8. Olive Oil

9. Ras el hanout seasoning, and Harissa dry seasoning or paste.



If the above list of ingredients looks a lot, wait till you see how easy it is to assemble.

Drizzle a little Olive Oil over the bottom of the tagine. Put the rice in the bottom, with a pinch of Saffron strands scattered on the top. Chop all the vegetables into neat similar sized pieces and place them on top of the rice.

Rub the Lamb all over with a tablespoon or two of the Harissa and ras el hanout. I used about twice as much Harissa to ras el hanout as I like the spiciness , but you can adjust it how you like.

Add salt if you wish. That will depend on how salty your spices are.

Pour over one pint of water, put the lid on, and put in a hot oven of 200C. I use the floor of the roasting oven of my Aga, and I have to remove the oven shelf to accommodate the tall chimney lid of the tagine.

Wait one hour, then take it out and let it rest a bit. Take out the meat, carve, stir together the rice and vegetables. Then eat!

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