Dill Crepes Layered with Salmon and Egg Mayonnaise, and the Usefulness of having Crepes in the Freezer

Every so often you have some Milk which needs using up, and this, combined with some Plain Flour and a couple of Eggs, and maybe with the finely chopped addition of whatever soft green herbs you have lying around such as Dill, Chives, Tarragon etc can provide  the foundation for a myriad recipes involving Crepes. I would not bother to make crepes specially for this recipe, but if you can always try to keep some in the freezer in a resealable bag, layered with cling -film or greaseproof paper, then you have  a wonderful emergency stand-by for when you really need to rustle up something cheaply and easily.

Crepes are phenomenally easy to make, but only if you observe a couple of absolutely cast -iron principles. First, your Batter, which should have been really well beaten ( and rested for an hour if not beaten by machine ) should be neither too thick, nor  too thin. You can experiment with the first one or two Crepes to see whether it is right, and adjust accordingly. You should be able to pour a soup-ladle of batter and swirl it around in the pan until you have a thin, slightly lacy crepe which goes right up to the edges. Don’t have too many holes or all your filling will seep out. Just the odd tiny hole will do, as long as the Crepe is evenly thin all over and not heavy. Secondly, you will fail unless you have a very solid frying pan which will retain the heat while you swirl your batter. Each time you make a Crepe put a Ladleful of batter into a very hot, frying pan in which a pea-sized knob of butter is just starting to brown. Flip them over with a Palette Knife or Fish Slice or just flip them in the air when the edges start to go brown and they no longer look wet on top. If they take more than 60 seconds to cook on the first side, then the batter is too thick or the pan not hot enough.

Once done, then layer them with paper or film and use or put in the freezer in a resealable bag but keep them quite flat. To use them, simply remove the requisite number  and microwave on full power for a very few seconds.

You can layer the pancakes with anything you like. Here I have used some previously frozen Dill Crepes, freshly made egg mayonnaise and homegrown  cress with a packet of cheap marinated salmon from Aldi

A total of four large crepes were layered and stacked as below and

then cut into 12 thin wedges like a Spanish tortilla. You could alternatively fill them with Ham and cream cheese, coronation chicken, egg mayonnaise alone or even smoked salmon and sour cream like a blini. You can use as a filling almost anything which is savoury and soft enough to cut easily, but not so wet that it makes everything soggy.IMG_0363These are great for a canapé or starter.

You could also use them rolled and stuffed and then thinly sliced like pinwheels, or use like cannelloni ; you can fill them  with say bolognese sauce or chopped cooked ham, coat with a cheese sauce and bake in a hot oven for a few minutes until browning on top and so on. You get the picture, they really are a great addition to the freezer.

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  1. Oh wow, these look DELICIOUS! I love a savoury crepe, and these ones look particularly yummy. Going to save this recipe and try and make it for myself at home!

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    1. So glad you like them! I often make mini versions with chopped dill to serve as blinis…much quicker than a traditional yeasted blini recipe but just as nice!

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      1. Oooh thats good to know. The mini versions are the same recipe more or less, right? 🙂 I’ll try it!


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