Al Fresco in April


Just now and then the great British Weather comes up trumps. What an impromptu and inexpensive feast in glorious warmth. Simply arrange some Serrano Ham on a platter, along with some Lucques Olives and place on a Provençal tablecloth along with some freshly baked ciabatta style bread which you somehow rustled up in your Aga a couple of hours ago.  That’s the starter done. Then make a very spicy salsa/ guacamole , some mint raita to soften the blow,  a green salad, some homemade mayonnaise with your own free range eggs,  and light the barbecue in good time with your own chestnut logs. When the logs have burnt right down, and start to look like charcoal, grab some imported Spanish Courgettes- not that nice , I know, but improved by char grilling, – slice them lengthways, oil them and season them and grill. Once the courgettes are nicely grilled,then grab some feather steak that you bought yesterday from Waitrose because it was heavily reduced, fashion some steak like portions and then grill on the fire. Serve with lots of wine.IMG_0353

I must confess to having removed the central membranes and connective tissue from this shoulder cut of beef, thus ending up with something resembling the American flat iron steak. Absolutely do not try to eat this well done, as it will be very chewy. I actually kept half back and made a delicious daube de boef with all the trimmingsIMG_0348

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