004It starts with a glorious view out of the bathroom window one sunny Saturday in March.005

Then a pigeon comes to eat the blossom on my Mirabelle tree.009Then a friend comes to join in.

Pigeon breast salad is now on the menu.

Incredibly easy to make, you just poach the skinned breasts gently in oil on a low to medium heat for only about a minute each side. Cover them with foil and put in a warm place to rest for no more than 15 minutes.

Then briefly cook some homegrown asparagus in boiling salted water , drain and put aside.

Meanwhile, make a Green Salad  tossed with a good French vinaigrette and divide between two plates.

Put the pigeon breasts on a chopping board and boil up the pan juices and oil with a good dessert spoon of quality aged balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Reduce to about one or two tablespoons in volume and keep warm.

Slice the pigeon breasts thinly across the diagonal and arrange artfully on top of the salad ,add asparagus and dress with the balsamic reductionIMG_0302DO MAKE SURE THAT YOU DONT OVERCOOK THE PIGEON BREASTS LIKE I HAVE DONE HERE—I was too busy writing this recipe and taking photos. They should be quite pink, but not blue/raw. It was still a great lunch though, and nearly all food for free!

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